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Framed - An Exploration of Ireland's Waves of Consequence

Role: Director / Producer/ DOP 

Music: Blaze of Feather 

Supported By: Patagonia 

Featuring: Patch Wilson

Footage: Joāo Tudella, Seth Hughes, Jacob Bartrop, Allan Wilson, Clem McInerney, Kev Smith, Chris Mclean, Mitch Corbet and Jon Bakio.


15 years ago, Patch Wilson began traveling to Ireland from his native Cornwall to catch incoming swells at the West Coast’s infamous slabs and big wave spots. After a few trips, he fell in love with the coastline, and decided to make it his home. Since then, he’s been weathering the North Atlantic winters there, and holding out for the occasional glimpse of magic among the madness. “Framed” documents some of those moments across the last three seasons.

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